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Marcel Lourel

Marcel Lourel

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Marcel Lourel is professor of psychology (health and work) at the ESPE Lille Nord de France (ex-IUFM), an internal department of Artois University. Professor Lourel holds the Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches in humanities (no English equivalence) from the University of Nancy 2 and has published over thirty 40 research papers in international peer-reviewed journals. He has also written a number of submitted articles, book chapters and conference papers published in international congress and conference proceedings. For over a decade, his research has focused on the question of psychosocial adjustment in a work environment (including during a chronic bowel disease) and in contexts requiring a compromise between the private and professional spheres.

Professor Lourel is a recipient of the Prime d’Excellence Scientifique (awarded for excellence in academic research), achieving rank A nationally. He has also been appointed to the Haut Conseil de la Santé Publique (HCSP, French High Council of Public Health), sitting on the "environmental risks" committee of the French Ministry of Health. He was elected a member of the school council of IUFM (2011-2012). He is a regional coordinator of the UNIRés (University Network for Health Education), permanent member of the national Scientific Committee of the UNIRés, and member of the National Scientific Committee, and member of the Office of the "environmental risks" committee, and of the laboratory RECIFES EA4520.

Primary Interests:

  • Applied Social Psychology
  • Gender Psychology
  • Health Psychology
  • Helping, Prosocial Behavior
  • Life Satisfaction, Well-Being
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Personality, Individual Differences
  • Research Methods, Assessment

Research Group or Laboratory:

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  • Social Support and Health
    • Linked publication: Lourel, M., Hartmann, A., Closon, C., Mouda, F., & Petric-Tatu, O. (2013). Social support and health: An overview of selected theoretical models for adaptation (p. 1-20). In S. Chen (Ed.), Social support, gender and culture, and health benefits. Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers.

Other Files


Journal Articles:

  • Gana, K., Lourel, M., Trouillet, R., Fort, I., Mezred, D., Blaison, C., Boudjemadi, V., K’Delant, P., & Ledrich J. (2010). Judgment of riskiness: Impact of personality, naive theories, and heuristic thinking among female students. Psychology and Health, 25(2), 131-147.
  • Guéguen, N., Jacob, C., Lourel, M., & Pascual, A. (2012). When drivers see red: Car color frustrators and drivers’ aggressiveness. Aggressive Behavior, 38(2), 166-169.
  • Guéguen, N., Lourel, M., Charron, C., Fischer-Lokou, J., & Lamy, L. (2010). A web replication of Snyder, Decker and Bercheid (1977)’s experiment on the self-fulfilling nature of social stereotypes. Journal of Social Psychology, 145(5), 603-605.
  • Lourel, M. (2013). Apprentissage de la prévention des risques professionnels à l’école ?. Archives des Maladies Professionnelles et de L'Environnement, 74(3), 237.
  • Lourel, M. (2007). La qualité de vie liée à la santé et l’ajustement psychosocial dans le domaine des maladies inflammatoires chroniques de l’intestin / Health-related quality of life and psychosocial adjustment in inflammatory bowel disease. Recherche en soins infirmiers, 88(1), 4-17.
  • Lourel, M. (2006). Rapports au travail, contrôle et santé dans les centres de gestion de la relation-client / The relations to work, control and health in call center–consumer service. Psychologie du travail et des organisations, 12(1), 39-51.
  • Lourel M., Abdellaoui S., Chevaleyre, S., Paltrier, M., & Gana K. (2008). Relationships between psychological job demands, job control and burnout among Firefighters. North American Journal of Psychology, 10(3), 489-496.
  • Lourel, M., Abdellaoui, S., Courtat, E., Baron, G., & Villieux, A. (2008). Santé et travail : le cas des facteurs de risque des troubles musculo-squelettiques du membre supérieur / Health and work: the case of the factors of risk of the musculoskeletal disorders of the upper limb. Psychologie du travail et des organisations, 14(4), 295-310.
  • Lourel M., Ford M., Edey-Gamassou C., Guéguen, N., & Hartmann A. (2009). Negative and positive spillover between work and family: relationship with perceived stress and job satisfaction. Journal of Managerial Psychology, 24(5), 438-449.
  • Lourel, M., Gana, K., & Wawrzyniak, S. (2005). Home–work interaction: a French adaptation and validation of “Survey Work–Home Interaction-Nijmegen” (SWING). Psychology of work and organizations, 11(4), 227-239.
  • Lourel M., & Guéguen, N. (2007). L’interface “vie privée – vie au travail ” : effets sur l’implication organisationnelle et sur le stress perçu. Les Cahiers internationaux de psychologie sociale, 74, 49-58.
  • Lourel, M., Guéguen, N., & Mouda F. (2007). L’évaluation du burnout de Pines : adaptation et validation en version française de l’instrument ”Burnout Measure Short version” (BMS-10) / The burnout assessment of Pines: a french adaptation and validation of the “Burnout Measure Short version” (BMS-10). Pratiques psychologiques, 13(3), 353-364
  • Lourel, M., Guéguen, N., Pascual, A., & Mouda, F. (2011). The importance of effect: a simple methodology for the "effect size". Psychology, 2(6), 631-632.
  • Lourel, M., Petric-Tatu, O., Guéguen, N., & Pascual, A. (2012). Theories of complex systems: presentation of a new paradigm in psychology. Materials, Methods & Technologies, 6(1), 351-359.
  • Lourel, M., & St-Onge, S. (2012). Du conflit à l’enrichissement travail-famille: Résultats et perspectives de recherche / From Work-Family Conflict to Enrichment: Research Findings and Opportunities. Psychologie du travail et des organisations, 18(2), 100-101.
  • Mouda, F., Riquois, C., Savoye, G., Lerebours, E., Blot, J., & Lourel, M. (2009). Epuisement professionnel et satisfaction au travail chez les patients atteints d’une Maladie Inflammatoire Chronique de l’Intestin (MICI). Psychologie du travail et des organisations, 15(4), 400-418.
  • Tarquinio, C., Brennstuhl, M-J., Rydberg, J. A., Schmitt, A., Mouda, F., Lourel, M., & Tarquinio, P. (2012). Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy in the treatment of victims of domestic violence: A pilot study. Revue européenne de psychologie appliquée / European review of applied psychology, 62(4), 205-212.
  • Trouillet, R., Gana, K., Fort, I., & Lourel, M. (2009). Predictive value of age for coping: Role of self-efficacy, social support satisfaction and perceived stress. Aging and Mental Health, 13(3), 357-366.

Marcel Lourel
ESPE - École Supérieure du Professorat et de l'Éducation
Campus universitaire du Mont Houy
BP 90357
59304 FAMARS

  • Phone: 00 33 (0)3 27 28 87 37
  • Fax: 00 33 (0)3 27 28 87 38

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